We are a dynamic company and able to reinvent ourselves humanly and professionally.

About us

Factorhia brings together a remarkable team of people, with the ability to reinvent themselves humanly and professionally, with varied and accurate experience in academic, technical and social fields.

In these conditions, Factorhia, enhances the quality of the project in all its phases, guaranteeing a positive impact on the client and society:

-Final execution and follow-up

Factorhia is structured into five operational departments. These are:
Executive Department, Operations Department, Design and Ideas Department, R&D Department, Commercial Department.

What we do?

We serve as a professional link between people incorporating new dynamics of project construction.

Dynamic Co-working and Dynamic Cluster.

We establish Strategic Networks of Production, Exchange, Management and Consumption.

We relate fundamental actions “from and between” different disciplines.

Inform, Collaborate and Orient.

We manage Massive Collaboration by using:
The Intelligence, the Knowledge and the Experience of Business, Industrial and Academic Units and Groups.