BIM services

We are dedicated to consulting and we support our clients in the implementation of drafting and technical projects with BIM technology in the field of civil and industrial engineering and architecture.


We provide the necessary resources to adapt the work and production flows of your company to BIM technology.


We made the migration of your 2D / 3D project to the new BIM environment of Autodesk Revit. We also collaborate with your company by providing qualified professionals.


We guide and advise our clients in the management of tools and processes or in complex situations that require continuous collaboration.


We perform interference studies in the construction processes before the constructive phase of the building. We verify the cohesion of the project to reduce risks and costs.


We efficiently coordinate and manage the different technical teams involved in the development of the BIM project.

Family creation

We recreate products in detail by using parametric modelling to include them in Autodesk Revit projects.

BIM advantages:

For architecture

Use Revit to model an idea from conceptual design to construction documentation within a single software environment. Optimize building performance and create amazing three-dimensional visualizations.

For structures

Use specific tools in your designs to create models of intelligent structures in coordination with the other building components, so that the fulfilment of building and safety standards can be assessed.

For systems

Design MEP construction systems with greater precision and in coordination with architectural and structural components, using coherent and inherent information of the model.

For construction

Evaluate the feasibility of the project, before starting construction of the building. Gain a better understanding of the means, methods, materials, and how they come together.