Validate your skills and gain a competitive advantage by certifying your level of knowledge of Autodesk Revit. Available both for students and professionals.

“Autodesk” Professional Certification

Price: 140 euros (VAT included)

Autodesk certifications validate your skills and knowledge and can contribute to accelerate professional development, increase productivity and improve credibility both for you and your employer.

Key advantages:
• Obtain credentials recognized by the sector that accredit your level of knowledge.
• Use the Autodesk Certified logo.
• Display your Autodesk Certified certificate.
• Have your name appear in the database of professionals with Autodesk Certified accreditation.

What is the exam?
The exams consist of 35 questions; of which you must correctly answer a percentage equal to or higher than the one indicated at the beginning of the exam (normally more than 75%). The questions range from creating and editing files, to multiple choice or matching questions and, depending on the type of exam chosen, the student will have 2 or 3 hours to complete it.

Who can do the exam?
The professional Autodesk exam is designed for those who want to demonstrate a complete knowledge of an Autodesk product. Before performing this type of examination, a 400-hour experience in the use of the program is recommended.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?
In case that the student doesn’t pass the exam, he will receive a small report of the areas to reinforce. It is not necessary to wait for any specific time to repeat the test again. The repetition of the exam has the same price as the initial exam.

Is it possible to claim a review of the test?
The answers are corrected automatically, and that’s why it’s impossible to perform a review. Under no circumstances the correct / erroneous answers are provided, since the Certification Centre doesn’t have access to this information either.

What do I receive after I have obtained the certification?
The certification generally validates the knowledge of a specific version of an Autodesk program. As of the 2016 versions, the certificate has no associated version and is valid for 3 years. The professional who obtains the certification will have the right to use the Autodesk Certified logo to promote his skills (in business cards, CV, website, etc.), in addition to having an electronic certificate that proves his status.

Get Ready for Autodesk Certification Training

Price: 65 euros (VAT included)
Duration: 2h in a single session

Do you want to certify yourself as Autodesk professional and you want to know all the secrets to pass the exam successfully? We help you in this task with a specially dedicated training session.

What is this course about?

In this training session we will explain:
• How the Autodesk professional certification exam works and what the exam standards are.
• How to effectively manage the time during the test.
• The skills that are required to pass the exam successfully and a review of them, so that you arrive at the exam with clear ideas and without doubts about the use of the program.
• Examples of exam questions based on real experience.

Do you want more information about upcoming sessions?
Send a message to formacion@factorhia.com so we can inform you.